12 Secrets About Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States. He was able to complete one term as President after which he was assassinated in 1865. Abraham Lincoln is one of the most popular and scrutinized Presidents of the USA as he led the country in the Civil War which was the bloodiest war and USA’s greatest constitutional and political crisis.

Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky in 1809. He was self-educated and became a lawyer in Illinois as well as a Whig Party Leader and a member of the Illinois House of Representatives where he was in service till 1846 after which he got elected to the United States House of Representatives. Lincoln’s policies involved rapid modernization of the economy through banks, rails and tariffs. However, he did not run for a second tenure in the Congress and restarted his law practice after the first term. He re-entered politics in 1854 when he became the leader of the new Republican Party. However, Lincoln lost the presidency to Douglas in that year. In 1860, with the help of the slaveholding states of the South, he was able to sweep majority of votes to become the United States President in 1861.

Unaccounted land#1 Unaccounted for land

In A. A. Springs will, Mr. Christopher found that Springs had left acres of property in Alabama in the name of his son. That son was no other than Abraham Lincoln. It can be said that these records were hidden, but in fact they were not. They were just not uncovered earlier as very few people research such old records. Hence, Abraham Lincoln’s family name was Springs or Springstein.

Birth out of wedlock#2 Birth out of wedlock

Another secret of Abraham Lincoln was his birth. It is said that his mother Nancy Hanks visited her family in North Carolina. During her stay, her situation was compromised by A.A. Springs’ lust. As a result, she became pregnant and gave birth to Abraham Lincoln. It makes one wonder if Lincoln was his real or fabricated name.

Once a Wrestling Champion#3 Once a Wrestling Champion

Not many know but due to his long limbs, Abraham Lincoln was a great wrestler when he was young. He was undefeated in all but one match out of 300. Abraham has earned the “Outstanding American” honor in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Abraham unique pocket watch#4 Abraham’s unique pocket watch

In 1861, when Abraham’s watch was being repaired by Dillon, the shots to the initiation of the Civil War were heard. Dillon engraved the following words on the inside of the gold watch, “Jonathan Dillon April 13- 1861 Fort Sumpter was attacked by the rebels on the above date. April 13-1861 Washington thank God we have a government. Jonth Dillon”

Gloomy Coincidence#5 Gloomy Coincidence

Just a day before he was shot at Ford Theatre, Lincoln created the US Secret Service on April 14, 1865. The Secret Service initiated by Lincoln was to battle the currency counterfeiting in USA. In 1901, the Secret Service was finally assigned to protect the commander in chief as two more presidents had been killed.

Priceless Corpse#6  Priceless Corpse

People are not generally aware that Lincoln’s corpse, which was protected by one padlock, was attempted to be stolen from his grave for ransom. However, the Secret Service came to the aid then and had moved Lincoln’s body before the robbers could take it. The corpse is now buried under 10 feet of concrete and enclosed in a steel cage.

The sole patent holder president#7 The sole patent holding president

Lincoln is the only president of USA who has a patent under his name. He loved to play with things and was very inventive. He developed a way for boats to stay afloat in shallow waters by attaching empty metal air chambers to the sides. Lincoln received Patent Number 6,469 in 1849.

The Lincoln Bedroom was not used for sleeping#8 The Lincoln Bedroom was not used for sleeping

The Lincoln Bedroom was used as his office by the 16th President of USA and not as his bedroom. He held meetings with the Cabinet members and signed documents there.

The secret behind Lincolns long limbs#9 The secret behind Lincoln’s long limbs

Oxford University has developed a new program that maps facial features to catch any rare genetic defects. It seems like Lincoln was most likely to have Marfan Syndrome that elongates the limbs and also causes heart problems. However, in his lifetime, Lincoln never showed any signs of heart or vision issues.

Lawyer without a degree#10 Lawyer without a degree

As mentioned before, Lincoln self-taught himself. He only had 18 months of formal schooling. Lincoln actually practiced law without a degree and had a very popular practice!

Fired rifles outside the White House#11 Fired rifles outside the White House

Lincoln had a passion for gadgetry and was also a hands-on commander-in-chief. He took a keen interest in the artillery used during the Civil War. He also attended the cannon tests and got together with the inventors of the prototypes. Lincoln test fired rifles outside the White House although there was a strict rule against firing artillery in Columbia.

Religion unknown#12 Religion unknown

Lincoln did not belong to any organized church in his entire lifetime.  However, he was reported to have read the Bible every day. Two days after his death, ministers set out to prove that Lincoln was a Catholic or a Methodist or a Presbyterian.

Suffered from depression almost his entire lifeBonus Secret: Suffered from depression almost his entire life

Lincoln suffered from a mental condition of clinical depression throughout his life. That is why he did not keep a knife with him as he was afraid he would hurt himself with it. He even anonymously wrote a suicide poem for the Sangamo Journal.

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